Basic rules for courses of the GP-OML program

These rules apply to both course leaders and participants:

1.      We distinguish domain-oriented courses and methodological courses. Of the regular courses given to date, the course ‘Data-analysis and logistics’ can be regarded as a methodological course. Other courses are on e.g., inventory, transport, and facility logistics. These are called domain-oriented courses.

2.      Each domain-oriented course is led by a senior researcher who is internationally known as a scientific expert on the topic of the course. The content of the course is in line with current developments in the field. The course forms a basis for positioning current and potential new subjects of research.

3.      Each methodological course is led by a senior researcher who is aware of the latest developments regarding this methodology and who can demonstrate the methodology on the basis of recent research.

4.      The senior researcher who leads a course can involve fellow lecturers as long as they are highly qualified. The senior researcher is expected to give at least half of the course.

5.      In each course, there is a form of examination (often assignments). Participants get graded and their grades appear on their certificates. Summer schools with a form of examination (e.g., an assignment) must at least be assessed with pass/fail.

6.      All courses are evaluated by both lecturers and participants. If the evaluation of a course is low, we expect that course will be adjusted based on the feedback.

7.      Participants are required to attend all classes. Only in exceptional cases (e.g. illness, funeral, presenting own research at international conference) a participant can miss a course day. A motivated request for absence should be send to the GP-OML office that will check whether the reason is accepted. At most 1 course day per course may be missed in order to get a certificate.

8.      Participants who only participate in a course without doing the examination, will receive 25% of the credit points. Note that these participants are required also to attend all course days (cf. point 7).